Action Crew

Snowboarding at Keystone...


.. Too much FUN!!!


The Crew ripping around Keystone and lapping the A51 park.



The Shred Gospel

Is there something in life way more important than snowboarding? Watch this video to find out!

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Colorado Avalance Forecasts

Backcountry can be super fun, however there is always risk involved! Make sure you know how to evaluate snow conditions, bring the proper gear with you, and always travel with a good crew of people that know what they are doing. Also stay up to date on the latest Avalanche forecasts while planning your next backcountry adventure. And remember anything can happen at anytime! Stay safe friends!!





We are super stoked to announce Action Crew’s sponsors:


Ruroc Helmets and Orign Snowboards



Action Crew’s official helmet sponsor, makes the most cutting edge fully integrated helmet/goggle and face protection system for extreme sports!

We had an awesome winter filming with the Ruroc RG-1s! Don't believe us? Then watch the video bellow.

We looking forward to many fun, safe days of shredding this winter with Ruroc's new RG-1X helmet line!

Be sure to check out Ruroc's website and facebook:


Family Shred is a fun site with everything about shredding with the whole family! They recently added our groms Daniel, Promise, and Timothy to their growing team of young rippers!

Check them out here:

Family Shred on facebook


Origin Snowboards

We would like to send out a HUGE thank you to Origin Snow for sponsoring our two youngest riders Promise and Timothy. Riding top of the line boards designed just for groms helps Promise and Timmy push their riding to the next level!

Origin Snow is a local Denver Colorado based snowboard company that makes boards just for groms.


Check out

And Origin Snow on Facebook


The Action Crew Groms Riding Origin Snowboards:



Tim's 13/14 Season Edit




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